Apatase Tours is an initiative by Triple Hill Hotel to provide rich cultural and traditional Ghanaian experiences to travelers.
We provide services that create beautiful memories, unforgettable travel experiences, new perspectives and fun adventures

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Culture and Experience in Ghana with ApataseTours

Brief Outlook of GHANA:

Ghana is a country of 32.0 million people and many native groups, such as:

o the Akans in the Centre and South of the country
o the Ga and Adangbe in, around and East of Accra
o the Guan peoples in the rain forest
o the Dagombas, Mamprusi and related peoples in the North
o the Gurunsi languages speaking peoples in the far North
o the Gonjas in the Northern Region

English is the official language, but the indigenous Twi of the Ashantis, the Fante language, Frafra, Dangme, Ga, Dagbani, Mampruli, Gonja and Ewe. All these are official status and are taught in schools as indigenous (local) languages in the respective areas where they are predominant.

Each Tour Packages includes:

Arrival (schedule plan):
Upon arriving in Ghana at the Kotoka International Airport, a driver will pick you up and transfer you to The Triple Hill Hotel, New Weija – Accra

Package Includes:
1. With or without Accommodation at a unique boutique hotel in Accra with fully feature air-conditioned rooms, private baths, TV and telephone, internet, Bush bar restaurant and swimming pool.
2. Professional Tour guide and a trained driver to accompany the group when on tours.
3. Meals: Breakfast (Lunch & Dinner to be paid separately by Tourist).
4. Entry fees included in the tour package and itinerary

Here are additional activities to the Package with ApataseTours:
o Morning traditional aerobic sessions
o Dance Workshop- level I, level II and level III
o Indoor Ghanaian Games and Swimming Pool
o Bonfire/Story telling
o Ghanaian Barbecues and special Cocktails

Note: Each itinerary could be customized to suit your interests, experience and expected budget.